Liquid Democracy

The third ’Democracy’

Current known democratic processes

Direct Democracy

people vote for policies directly. This type of democracy only works when each of the members are informed and can estimate the impact of each policy.

similar but different Approval Voting

Representative Democracy

you choose a representative (usually someone) to decide for you. Cuts costs for informed concent, but trades off control. Also known as indirect democracy.

different democracies and their flaws

From the eyes of Aristotle, every form of democracies has their own short commings. To him, it’s rather unsmart to pick and impose which one is the best, but to analyze and what are the possible alternatives that best suits for the community is far more important.

飲茶. 史上最強の哲学入門 (Japanese Edition) (Kindle Locations 1497-1499).

Liquid Democracy

Democracy that you can vote for either policies or to peers. (Malone, Thomas W, 2018)


a lot have moved to the PPV section of this memo. Since LD is a special type of PPV.

chapter 7: Propagational Proxy Voting (PPV)


Malone, Thomas W (2018). Superminds: The surprising power of people and computers thinking together, Little, Brown Spark.

Date: 2019-07-17