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for High School students

あるご縁で日本の高校生に対してお話しする機会を得まして、その準備のために作ったも のをここに残します。こんな機会が無ければこんなことしませんよね…。



1. Before undergrad (Things that don’t appear in the CV)

early childhood (age 3 to 9)

  • Lived in New Jersey, Texas for six years
    • = 英語勉強したことない?
      • 誰も理解してくれない英語に対しての苦悩
      • でも楽です。必須スキル

mid to high school (Yoshio Taniguchi)


  • Bright side

    • started programming by 13 (ca. 1998)
    • built own computer in 14
    • ‘Special’ Prize on High School Short Clip Contest
  • Actuality

    • Was mostly … gaming (~8 hrs per day)

      • accumulative play duration: 365 days in 3.5 years
    • Was 2nd worst in grades

      • 勉強にあまり関心がなかった。(嫌いでも好きでもない)
        • 今はあんまり後悔していない。(どうせ一生かけてやると後から知った)
      • 数学は好きでした

2. Undergrad (2004-2008) (Maki Fumihiko)


  • Shigeru Ban

    - paper studioにすんでた

    • Disaster relief projects
      • China, Japan(Fukuoka, Hiroshima), Haiti, Washington(exhibit)
  • Bachelor’s Diploma

    • First Prize for that year/school
    • 卒業設計:豊洲の待機児童問題を解決する可変建築
  • Kostas Terzidis (book)

    He was teaching programming to students in Architecture Dept. Harvard GSD Had a 3 day workshop at my University

3. Graduate School

Ban left school :( :P

already in to Computational Architecture

3.5 Leap year

Intern at MEME(Boston), while staying at Matsukawa-san’s place

4. Nikken Sekkei Digital Design Lab (Tadao Kamei)

Tomohiko Yamanashi



lmn architecture

5. Media Lab City Science (I.M. Pei, Maki Fumihiko)

CityScope (Github)

Talking Drums