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for High School students

あるご縁で日本の高校生に対してお話しする機会を得まして、その準備のために作ったも のをここに残します。こんな機会が無ければこんなことしませんよね…。


TODO 自己紹介

1. Before undergrad (Things that don’t appear in the CV)

early childhood (age 3 to 9)

  • Lived in New Jersey, Texas for six years
    • = 英語勉強したことない?
      • 誰も理解してくれない英語に対しての苦悩
      • でも楽です。必須スキル

mid to high school (Yoshio Taniguchi)


  • Bright side

    • started programming by 13 (ca. 1998)
    • built own computer in 14
    • ‘Special’ Prize on High School Short Clip Contest
  • Actuality

    • Was mostly … gaming (~8 hrs per day)

      • accumulative play duration: 365 days in 3.5 years
    • Was 2nd worst in grades

      • 勉強にあまり関心がなかった。(嫌いでも好きでもない)
        • 今はあんまり後悔していない。(どうせ一生かけてやると後から知った)
      • 数学は好きでした

2. Undergrad (2004-2008) (Maki Fumihiko)


  • Shigeru Ban

    - paper studioにすんでた

    • Disaster relief projects
      • China, Japan(Fukuoka, Hiroshima), Haiti, Washington(exhibit)
  • TODO Bachelor’s Diploma

    • First Prize for that year/school
    • 卒業設計:豊洲の待機児童問題を解決する可変建築
  • TODO Kostas Terzidis (book)

    He was teaching programming to students in Architecture Dept. Harvard GSD Had a 3 day workshop at my University

3. Graduate School

Ban left school :( :P

already in to Computational Architecture

3.5 Leap year

Intern at MEME(Boston), while staying at Matsukawa-san’s place

4. Nikken Sekkei Digital Design Lab (Tadao Kamei)

Tomohiko Yamanashi


TODO Nige-Chizu

TODO LMN Architecture

5. Media Lab City Science (I.M. Pei, Maki Fumihiko)

CityScope (Github)

TODO Talking Drums



What will happen when we have autonomous technology??

What do you think about ‘Urban Planning’ or ‘Architecture’

Data ownership, can I track you??

What if I pay you??

What if You are conviced that it will be used for Planning?

Random Advices <2019-06-10 Mon>

Do what you want

If the projectile is close to mine…

  • English

    • Grammar is secondary, use broken but ‘easy to understand’
      • People tend to build pride on their language skills after a certain age.
      • Japanese has a super high average of literacy
    • Ask
  • Math

    • Linear Algebra
    • Calculus
  • Programming

    • Start with Python or JavaScript
  • CAD / 3D Modelling

    • Start with Blender