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toy demo

diversity is good for sustainable growth (Glaeser, Edward, 2013)

Collage city (Rowe, Colin and Koetter, Fred, 1984)

is this concept new ?? -> no


Figure 1: FrDr, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Villa Hadriana (AD 120)

The complex of the villa contains many structures from different cultures. For example, the villa has a small Nile River running through it that relates back to the Egyptian Nile river.


Figure 2: Arata Isozaki Haishi Exhibition (1997)

las vegas….etc

  • can we formalize this process of bri-collaging cities?
  • This is only a ’single player game’.
  • software industry ’collage’ -> github

city scope


  • high resolution (hard to contruct naratives compared to the toy)
  • “zoning”? people usually do not think cities as a remixes of zoning codes (max hight. FAR, buildable area, …etc)
  • in front of a table/web interface: starting to be a “multi player game”, except we lack in some way to decide

we need to vote !!!

Mirage City Platform 1

  • more interaction (attention?) when provided more information

MAGI System from evangelion



  • CASPER -> woman(mistress)
  • MELCHIOR -> scientist
  • BALTHASAR -> motherhood

unanimous vote accross three ai systems that are weighted differently what if it was majority rule??

namaph (media lab project site)

  • transparency is a ’nice to have’

DAOs let you vote on the blockchain; gains transparency.

New Rousseau Machine

  • DAOs tends to lean on direct democracy.
  • social choice tells you, its not that simple.


Glaeser, Edward (2013). Triumph of the city: How our greatest invention makes us richer, smarter, greener, healthier, and happier, New York, NY: Penguin Books. doi.

Rowe, Colin and Koetter, Fred (1984). Collage city, MIT press.



Haishi Exhibition. The term “Haishi” is 海市 in chinese which direct translation is “sea city”, which means mirage.

Date: 2023-02-15 Wed 01:09