Figure 1: animal toys used for this session. A total of 20.


workshop process overview

  1. Each group had three animal toys, which the total number of combinations will have will be around 240 variations.


  2. They will map animals to cities.

    They have the freedom how to associate a city to the model; some just chose cities they liked and associate animals randomly, some tried to tie it the common characteritic of the model and the city. (like elephant = london’s zoo)


  3. They will disect the animals and decide which part represents which aspects of a city.


    Note that for each part, it will represent the same aspect across the thress different animal models they have.

  4. mix ’n’ match.
  5. group consensus and voting

    a tournament like voting session was held to collectively decide which city animal wins.

    a simple majority vote. for future sessions. My voting system should be used for this.



rank head torso front leg end leg
1 Dragon / Tokyo / skyline Pteranodon / Jakarta / (mixed) culture Dragon / Tokyo / tranportation Brachiosaurus / Kyoto / walkability
2 Sheep / Awaji-sima / five senses Winged Lion / Philadelphia / historic value Winged Lion / Philadelphia / student population Ankylosaurus / Fujisawa / water front amenities
3 Aligator / Barcelona / academic facilities Aligator / Bangkok / Local industry Aligator / Bangkok / transportation Cow / Sendai / infrastructure


City with the skyline and public transportation of Tokyo, street scape and walkability of Kyoto, and the mixed culture of Jakarta.


bluntly using “canny edge” mode. M-LSD, Normals, segmentation might work?


1st sfc_kobayashi_1-1.png sfc_kobayashi_1-2.png sfc_kobayashi_1-3.png

2nd sfc_kobayashi_2-1.png sfc_kobayashi_2-2.png sfc_kobayashi_2-3.png

3rd sfc_kobayashi_3-1.png sfc_kobayashi_3-2.png sfc_kobayashi_3-3.png

base images

shibuya_birdview.png shibuya_streetview.png shibuya_streetview1.png



the group can take it from here and use different generation methods. simulation, ABM, cities skyline (game), and other image generation methods.

Date: 2023-03-06 Mon 11:41