talk City Sci-fi City Science class lecture


group formation

assign one who presents and one who transcribes

Assign a city to each of the animals on your table (10 min)

  • better that it’s the groups favorite.
  • do we allow imaginary cities?

Discuss which part represent what aspect of a city (10 min)


  • head: cultural scenery / city scape
  • torso: population density / subway network / skyline / zoning
  • legs: public transit / street scape
  • amenities
    • bars, nurserys, public amenites, library, museums, schools, parks, chinatown, coop grocery/restaurant
  • events
    • farmers market, multi culture festivals
  • zoning
    • residential, commercial,
  • transportation
    • road network, ped/bike allocation

mix and match (15 min)

describe why you or the group feels that way..

merge two groups via voting

you can exchange parts if you like depending on time

repeat previous step to converge on one model.

Date: 2023-03-03 Fri 09:04